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Pesce Acqua Pazza

Angelo Servino shares this favorite dish from the Almafi Coast. Traditionally, Italian meals over the holidays are comprised of fish dishes, and this original recipe (which is served at Servino) would normally be cooked with a whole fish, but you could also use a smaller filet of Branzino. The dish is intended to be served family style.


Branzino (Whole Fish or Fillet)

Salt and Pepper for Seasoning

Olive Oil

Chopped Onion


White Wine

Cherry Tomatoes

Chard Spinach


Sear the fish in Olive Oil

Over Medium Heat, saute onion, garlic, and cherry tomatoes.

Add white wine until evaporated.

Reduce and add Chard Spinach.

Serve the fish on the bed of Spinach and Vegetables.



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