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Destination Tiburon: Thrills Without Frills (Ok Maybe Some Frills)

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Tessa Mini from Bare Health in Napa, California shared her "Perfect Day in Tiburon" with us. Check out her adventure and adrenaline packed itinerary for some ideas for exploring Tiburon.

As you know I’m all about a good adventure! Whether it’s hiking, discovering a new town, finding the best coffee and vegan food, or swimming with the sharks – I’m up for it!

One of my favorite day trips from Napa is in Tiburon.

Why do I love it? Because in true "Tessa style" it’s a full blast adventure.

If you’re into that and are looking for a new experience in the SF bay, boy do I have the best day planned for you!

You’re gonna stand out a little on this one, but you already do so go with it :) Because… how many times do you see people jet ski in the bay? I honestly never have seen ANYONE.

So trust me this is not for the faint of heart. It’s a little dangerous, so do your homework. Know how to handle a jet ski on waves and understand water rules. And then you should be good!

So here’s the path to view SF, Angel Island, Sausalito, and Tiburon from the ocean:

1. Pack sunscreen, water, maybe some vino and a snack.

Definitely vino whom am I kidding…and some electrolytes like coconut or watermelon water.

2. Bring your wetsuit and booties because if you fall in it’s cold!

I like to bring a waterproof jacket too. This helped so much last time because my cousin kept splashing me with water... Isn’t family the best haha. It also kept my fiancé warm when I flipped him off the back of the jet ski (haha whoops).

3. Launch at Berkeley Marina.

It’s free to park and set out of. You’ll need some jet skis but you can easily rent nearby.

4. From the Berkeley Marina you can cruise underneath the Bay Bridge and around Treasure Island. Generally the water is smooth so you can hit up to 35mph pretty easily.

5. Cruise around the Bay Bridge and hang a left to AT&T Park

This water is generally glassy like a lake because it’s protected. It’s a great little stop to have something drink as prep for the rough ride to come.

6. Head out to the Golden Gate.

I try to hug the piers, saying hello to all the seals at Pier 39 and people watching from the ocean. Once you get to the Golden Gate it’s generally a bit crowded and rough so be careful.

7. From there head over to Angel Island and dock on a beach.

You can easily tie up the jet skis and have a picnic or go for a little hike. Angel Island is one of my favorite spots to hike, you have a full panoramic view of the Bay Bridge, SF and the Golden Gate – it’s literally breathtaking.

8. After Angel Island, head over to Tiburon, there are free docks to tie up to, and you'll feel pretty James Bond getting off your jet ski and walking right up to a bar in your wetsuit.

9. Pack a pair of clothes to change into, and have dinner or a late lunch at Servino, (bathrooms are upstairs).

It’s the place to grab dinner as the sun comes down. I love Servino because they serve fresh, local and totally vegan friendly food. They have the most killer vegan skewers and salads, and if you want to indulge, they even have gluten-free pasta!!

I’m seriously having a hard time writing about them when what I really want to do is just go over there and eat them!

I love this place because of my Swiss-Italian heritage. Their authentic Italian food hits home and their fantastic wine list knocks it out of the park for me. And yes, they do have supposedly amazing seafood and meat for anyone you’re bringing with you who might not be ready to embrace veganism yet (give them time).

10. Pack up before it gets too dark - it’s time to start heading home.

Your belly will be full and your adventure will have come to an end. Make sure to start the journey back before it’s too late because you’ve got a 15-20 min ride back to Berkeley Marina!

Now it’s time to go back home, relax (maybe with that final cup of vino), and rest before your next adventure.


Tessa Mini is the Owner of BareHealth Fitness in Napa, California. She was a Division 1 Athlete (Tennis), has completed half-marathons, and is a former IFBB and INBA bodybuilding competitor.

"I believe health and fitness comes down to lifestyle changes...through the means of teaching about proper real whole food eating habits, meal preparation, resistance and cardiovascular exercises and consistency, I believe anyone can achieve their goals in health and fitness."



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