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Servino Food + Wellness Series: ft. Lindsey Smith, Food Mood Girl

Join us for the first event in our Food + Wellness Series featuring Lindsey Smith, Food Mood Girl and author of "Eat Your Feelings".

Event Schedule:

9:00am Event Check-In at Servino Ristorante

10:00am Hike to St. Hilary's and Yoga led by Nicole Klemas (NPK Yoga)

12:00pm Lunch at Servino with presentation by Lindsey Smith, featuring recipes from her latest book, "Eat Your Feelings".

3:00pm Event Concludes

All attendees will receive a signed copy of Lindsey Smith's book, Eat Your Feelings, and Gift Bag. All yoga materials will be provided.

Special Guests Include:

Brooke Wilkerson - Coffee & Chaos

Whitney Cicero - The New Stepford

Mallory McEligot - VineLiving

Tessa Mini - BareHealth

Midori Verity

About Lindsey Smith:

Lindsey Smith is a nationally recognized author, health coach, speaker, wellness icon, and the blogger behind Food Mood Girl. Best known for her books, Junk Foods & Junk Moods and Food Guilt No More, Lindsey has reached thousands of people looking to enhance their mood, decrease their anxiety, and love themselves just a little bit more. Lindsey currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About Eat Your Feelings:

The Food Mood Girl shows how you can transform your lifestyle by learning from your cravings and using mood boosting ingredients every day in this humorous, lighthearted take on your typical diet book. With recipes like Cookie Dough Contraband (just like eating cookie batter, without the fear or guilt!) and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake (which tastes like the childhood classic), Lindsey Smith shares ways to eat healthy foods based on what people tend to crave the most during heightened emotional states, introducing recipes with crunchy, creamy, sweet, and salty themes.

About NPK Yoga:

Nicole Klemas is deeply inspired when she gets to take her practice off the mat and into the outdoors, helping her students to develop supple bodies and quiet minds in the fresh air and sunshine of Northern California. Lindsey completed a 200-hour certification with Bodhi Yoga Academy in Koh Phagnan, Thailand in 2016, and is an avid marathoner and duathlete.


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