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Reality Moms: Opera Night at Servino

Have you ever wanted to join us for Opera Night? Not sure what to expect? Joey Fortman from Reality Mom's, joined us in July for the Opus No. 106. Read on to learn more about this fun monthly event:

Joey & Monika on the Bellavista Deck taking in the views. Follow Joey at @joeyfortman

My family and I moved to the Bay Area this past January from Philadelphia and every time we step out, we’re trying something new. Summertime is always the best time to step out of your usual routine and try something different. We live in the Strawberry area of Mill Valley and our perfect location sends us all over Marin. However, with two kids ages 10 & 5 it is nearly impossible to get out on a date night that fuels the stomach and the soul. What’s the alternative to a baby sitter? Taking a friend of course! I got the opportunity to experience Opera Night at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon and I was all in.

My neighbor Monika has become such a great friend of mine. Our sons are in the same class this past spring and we’ve gotten to know each other and our families really well. We’ve become lifesavers for each other when it requires kids and car lines so I knew Monika was perfect to bring on this experience. Little did I know, she was born and raised in Tiburon!

The first thing I fell in love with at Servino was the longevity of this restaurant. You never hear of a restaurant being around for more than 10 years, but this restaurant has been owned and operated by the Servino Family since 1978! I knew there was something special about this place the minute I walked in. We arrived for Opera Night and were taken upstairs to the Bellavista room, the view was breathtaking.

We checked in to Opera Night, grabbed drinks and headed out on the waterfront deck. The evening was gorgeous. Sun shining & the view was all I needed to get into the space and excited to see what was to come from the special evening. I’ve been to an opera before but not one that included dinner and drinks all while experiencing great opera. I wasn’t sure what to expect but new it was going to be fun. Monika had never experienced an opera so this was her first time.

After cocktail hour on the deck we headed in to our seats awaiting dinner and the fabulous entertainment. What I loved about where we sat was that we were close to everyone and everything. We sat with people we didn’t know and had great conversations with the couple next to us. Turns out, they knew Monika from when she was really young. Needless to say, I don’t think she ever stopped talking. Except for the Opera & food of course.

I wasn’t sure how the Opera Night would play out but it was perfect. They started with a maestro & singers. Shortly after the first set our food started coming out. Sprinkled in between the dining was parts of the performance. The singers were amazing. The food was outstanding and according to Monika, the wine flight was a perfect compliment to the meal.

On our way home that night she couldn’t stop talking about the couple next to us. It was fun to hear how she grew up visiting Servino for special occasions and family get togethers. I loved seeing her eyes light up when she say people she hadn’t seen in awhile.

Add great food, great entertainment and great company and we clearly had a great night. Best of all? No kids asking for a juicebox or buttered pasta for dinner. No clean up or bedtime. Pure adult food and fun.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get a night out without kids?

In 2008, after 20+ years in traditional media hosting radio shows around the country in cities like Chicago & Philly, Joey traded in the microphone for the diaper bag. While the rest of the world was hit with a financial crisis, Joey struggled with her own personal crisis; unemployed, overweight & lost in the land of mommy bloggers. With the 'if you can't beat them-join them' motto - Joey went digital while hosting Better Philly on WPHL 17. Now the CEO for Real Mom Media and the woman behind RealityMoms.Rocks. She recently moved to Mill Valley from Philadelphia. Follower her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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